Utica Dance Performance Auditions/Casting

The goal of Utica Dance is to provide every student with the appropriate challenge and a wonderfully memorable experience. The decision to place someone in a particular role is made jointly by the faculty after numerous hours of observation, experimentation and discussion.

Many factors are considered before a decision is made. Even then the faculty may have to make changes in casting because of illness, injury, attendance, or inability to execute the part to our satisfaction. We are trying to produce a quality show that demonstrates the highest standards our school can attain.

Factors that are considered in casting include:
Ability and skill, especially on pointe
Age and grade
Size in relation to others in a group
Ability to reasonably fit the costumes
Performance quality - appropriate expression and presence
Ability to learn reasonably quickly
Ability to apply corrections and improve
Consistent attendance, effort, and enthusiasm

We all appreciate your support of our professional decisions and thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

For the first time, Utica Dance will open it's doors to dancers who wish to participate in our annual production of the Nutcracker. We are seeking dancers of all ages and skills who would like to help us bring this timeless classic to life.

For audition information, email Nancy Long at nancy@uticadance.com
Please be sure to include "Nutcracker Audition" in the subject line.

Evaluations and Level Placement
The decision to advance a student in the Children's Division to the next level is made jointly by the faculty. Every effort is made to keep a child with other dancers of similar ages.

For our Pre-Professional Division students are placed according to their ability as evaluated by the faculty. Placement classes are required for new students ages 9 and above. The placement of students is at the sole discretion of the faculty. Utica Dance reserves the right to change the level in which a student is placed whenever appropriate.
All pre-professional students in level 2 and above must attend classes in both ballet and jazz/tap to participate in the performance.