Music Theatre Division: Tuition

8 Required Courses

MT0031-1 Introduction to Acting 1 - $225
Students are introduced to the fundamentals of acting and develop the foundations of character development through theatre games and improvisation.

MT0032-1 Introduction to Acting 2 - $305
Students continue their work in character development through sensory work, actions and truthful behavior within scenes.

MT0035-1 Introduction to Scene Study
- $365
Students study and perform monologues and small group scenes.

MT0061-1 Vocal Technique 1 - $325
This course focuses on learning healthy singing and voice production technique through exercises and musical theatre repertoire.

MT0062-1 Vocal Technique 2 - $325
This course builds on students' vocal technique foundation introducing more advanced repertoire and techniques.

MT0081-1 Dance for Musical Theatre 1 - $375
Includes an introduction to many styles of dance and focuses on popular musical theatre movement.

MT0081-1 Dance for Musical Theatre 2 - $410
This course builds on students' movement skills and includes more challenging musical theatre movement.

MT0101-1 Theatre Production Workshop - $550
Students will learn songs and choreography from Broadway shows. The final class will culminate in a studio showing open to the public.


4 Elective Courses
Select 4 elective courses from Ballet, Jazz, Tap or Modern. Pricing is determined by age and specific class.