Utica Dance Program Policies

Student Conduct
Students are expected to conduct themselves in a mature and courteous manner while on Utica Dance premises or in any performance venue. Please remember to take care of the facility and clean up after using the common spaces. Do not leave any trash behind.

The following are forbidden at Utica Dance, and penalties may include but are not limited to dismissal, suspension, referral to counseling, probation or expulsion with no refund of tuition.

* Physical or verbal abuse or profanity
* Theft or destruction of any items on Utica Dance property
* Sexual harassment
* Possession of drugs and/or alcohol; and appearing in class under the influence of drugs or alcohol
* Smoking
* Firearms or weapons
* Self-destructive behavior
* Filming or photographing in changing areas or restrooms
* Bullying or gossiping in any form inside or out of the studio, including social media
* Use of cell phones during class or rehearsal
* Disrespectful behavior toward teachers, students or anyone in the building
* Personal conversations in the studio during class time
* Leaving the studio without permission

Most violations of basic program policies will be dealt with in the following manner. However, students who commit gross insubordination or violent behavior, etc. will be immediately removed from class and parents will be contacted.
1st incident: Warning during class and speak with the teacher after class
2nd incident: Removal from class or rehearsal and parents contacted

Student Referrals
Our student referral program allows current members to promote and direct students to one of our three divisions. Here’s how it works: Refer a future student and let us know ahead of time. After the student has enrolled, we’ll provide you with a gift certificate to uticadance.com in the amount of $25 to be used for merchandise purchases and/or tuition payments.

Attendance and Arrival
Regular attendance and timely arrival is encouraged for student progress. Dancers need consistency to achieve their goals throughout the academic year.  Students are strongly encouraged to arrive early to prepare for class. Students who arrive more than 15 minutes late may be asked to observe class.

Extended Absences
All students must attend the classes for which they are registered. If your child is ill or injured, please call the school. Official attendance is taken by the instructors at the beginning of each class. During the normal school year, there is no official limit on missed classes; HOWEVER, PLEASE NOTE:  You are not eligible for a refund for absences. Students are encouraged to make-up missed classes in classes recommended by their instructors.
Excessive absences will affect a students’ ability to particpate in performances.  Utica Dance reserves the right to remove a student from class or rehearsal in the event that the student is exhibiting any signs of illness, including but not limited to flu symptoms or other symptoms of a contagious illness, such as pink eye or rash.  Contact us if the student needs to miss class for any reason. If the student is ill, he or she MUST stay home.

Class Cancellation
Utica Dance requires a minimum number of students in particular classes. Classes not meeting the minimum required students by the fourth week of the semester may be cancelled or put on hold until this minimum is met. Students who are registered for the cancelled class will be contacted and all attempts will be made to re-register these students into comparable classes. If the student’s schedule does not permit enrollment into another class, a refund of the tuition paid (less the cost of the classes taken) will be given.

Pick-up Policy
Please make every effort to pick up students within 15 minutes after their last class/rehearsal time.

Student Withdrawal Policy
Please contact the studio in person, via phone or email with notice to withdraw from the program. It is suggested that all students complete the current semester.

Dress Code
Our dress code is specified by class level and is strictly enforced. Please contact us if you have questions or concerns:.

Drop/Add Policy

Student/Parent Meetings
To schedule a meeting or discussion, please contact the studio and will coordinate an appropriate time. During class session is generally not the most appropriate time to discuss program/student issues.

Personal Insurance
It is the responsibility of each student/family member to maintain personal medical insurance while attending Utica Dance. The staff shall not be held responsible for any injury or illness that occurs during study at the studio.

Photographs and News
Photos in addition to newsworthy information compiled by staff may be used at the discretion of the Artistic Director. If you have any reservation about this, please notify the studio in person, by phone or through email at hello@uticadance.com

Payment Receipts/Balance Information
All payment receipts are emailed monthly or as requested. Please make certain that your registration account online is up to date.

Tuition Refund Policy
We understand that schedules change and adjustments have to be made. Our staff has made the process simple! For a full refund, please make certain you drop your classes before the deadline week as listed below:

SPRING SEMESTER: 100% refund before the end of the 3rd week. After the 3rd week, no refunds will be given.
SUMMER SEMESTER: 100% refund before the end of the 2nd week. After the 2nd week, no refunds will be given.
FALL SEMESTER: 100% refund before the end of the 3rd week. After the 3rd week, no refunds will be given.

Returned Checks and Declined Charges
It is the policy of Utica Dance to charge a $30 returned check fee. For credit card charges that are declined, we will notify you and attempt to charge for three consecutive days. After the third failed attempt you will be assessed a $25 charge. For members on a payment plan, after the third attempt, you may be removed from the payment plan with full balance due.

Inclement Weather
For safety, the studio may decide to cancel classes. When this occurs, we may or may not schedule a make-up class. This is entirely at the discretion of the staff. No refunds are provided for cancelled classes due to inclement weather. Class cancellations are posted here.

Utica Dance Anti-Discrimination Policy
Utica Dance does not discriminate on the bases of race, color, gender, age, national origin, religion, creed, or sexual orientation. We are committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all members of the community.

Program Holidays
We are closed to observe the following holidays: Christmas, Good Friday, Easter, Halloween, Independence Day, Martin Luther King Day, Memorial Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, President’s Day, Thanksgiving Day + Friday.