Pre Professional Division Placement

For our Pre-Professional Division, students are placed according to their ability as evaluated by the Utica Dance faculty. Placement classes are required for new students ages 9 and above. The placement of students is at the sole discretion of the faculty of the Utica Dance. The Utica Dance reserves the right to change the level in which a student is placed whenever appropriate.

When are students evaluated?
All Pre-Professional Division students (Levels 1 through 7) are evaluated twice a year. Once in the middle of the school year and another at the end of the school year at which point they will receive their placement for next year..

Placement for students will be made early in the semester. Prior to the next semester’s registration open date, a document will be posted showing your child’s name and placement. Review this information before registering for classes.

Schedule Availability
Effective July 1, 2014, upcoming semester classes will be available for registration around the 3rd week of the semester. Registration can be completed online or by form. Please note that registering online confirms your place in the class.