Named Scholarships
On occasion Utica Dance will make scholarship awards based on need and merit. If you are interested in creating a named scholarship for annual student awards, please contact us so that we can tailor a solution for you.

Vinnie Coluzza Scholarship
The Vinnie Coluzza Scholarship, established in the Munson Williams Proctor Arts Institute to honor our friend and former teacher, will continue to be awarded to a student in the Utica Dance program. The scholarship covers the cost of one course per semester.

Support a Student
You can support Utica Dance by helping a child attend classes. To sponsor a child, please contact us.
Today, you can contribute by selecting one of the following:

Your $50 can buy a student dance attire for class.
Your $100 can help us purchase a set of ballet, jazz, and tap shoes for a student.
Your $150 will pay for one course this summer for a special student.

Your support can be anonymous, or we can help you connect with the recipient so that you can take personal pride in their progress and they can, in turn, thank you for your support.

Pointe Shoe Fund
One of the easiest ways to support Utica Dance is by making a contribution to the Utica Dance Pointe Shoe Fund. Pointe shoes are an essential component of art produced within the program. They cost an average of $60 per pair and typically last a few weeks. Your contribution can be as low as $5.