Staff Bio

Isobel A. Bliss - Costume Coordinator

Isobel's family background provided the inspiration for a lifetime fascination with fabric, fashion and costume design. Isobel's mother and her two aunts were respectively a textile buyer in Bosnia, a wedding gown designer in Serbia, and a fashion buyer in Italy. After leaving Bosnia, Isobel spent six months in a Croatian refugee camp, where she was introduced to the international university theater student volunteers who were brought to the camp by a program of the UN called Sunflower. The entire camp would watch the plays created collaboratively by the theater students and refugees. Isobel remembers her first creations were a witch, fairy, sun and moon in a play about the opposing forces in the universe and how they can exist together.

Isobel has a degree in fashion design and marketing from American Intercontinental University in Atlanta, GA. Locally Isobel has worked with Players of Utica, Outcast Theater Productions and New Hartford Masque, and the Munson Williams Proctor Arts Institute Dance Program.

Isobel is most proud of her costumes for Now Voyager that she created with Nancy Long.