Staff Bio

Danielle Pontero - Jazz/Tap Assistant

Danielle Pontero received her dance training from the Utica Dance faculty, Nancy, Lynn, Kathy, and Sharon. She received her early tap training from the legendary Vinnie Coluzza.

From the mid-1990s to 2004, Danielle, Lindsey LaFountain and their peers were instrumental inspiring a decade of original choreography. Many of those dances are staples of our current repertory. Danielle was featured in Formerly known As; Tied UP; Wild, Wild Party; Down to the River; Freddie’s Rock Rhapsody; Zany Jane’s New Do; Spies, Lies and Mostly Good Guys, among other. In 1997 Danielle and Lindsey were in the original cast of Blue Suede Shoes, the first dance created for children by Kathy Ryan.

Danielle shared the title role in Romeo and Juliet with choreography by Chiara Lomellini Ajkun. She attended Ajkun Ballet’s Dancing in New York summer training program and performed at the State Theater in Albany and in New York City. As a member of the U.S. Tap Team, Danielle competed in Reisa, Germany, in 1999 with fellow dance student, Kirstin Howard. 

Danielle formally joined Utica Dance in 2014 as our Jazz/Tap Assistant.